Lauren Chivington

Lauren Chivington (they/them) is a Ph.D. student in The Ohio State University’s English department, focusing on comics studies, new media, and pop culture. As an adjunct professor, Lauren instructs English composition to first-year college students of all ages. Lauren first fell in love with comics studies while at OSU. They wrote their undergraduate thesis on Holocaust narratives and the potential of the comics medium to mediate intergenerational trauma and educate future generations, and published it in the International Journal Of Comic Art in 2018. While attending the University of Chicago, Lauren wrote their master’s thesis (published in ImageTexT in 2021) under the guidance of W..J.T Mitchell on the empty speech balloon and the many ways it is both seen and overlooked, how it takes on a life of its own while determining the subjectivity around it, and how it epitomizes the comic medium even as it pulls on its seams. Lauren is currently interested in autobiography, trauma studies, disability studies, 20th + 21st-century literature, digital media, and graphic medicine.

Image caption: Pictured is a person, Lauren Chivington, in a cap and gown in front of a blue wall.


The Ohio State University.
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The University of Chicago.

The Ohio State University.


International Amsterdam Comics Conference
“Isolation, Arts, Engagement”

Graphic Medicine Annual Conference: (Re)Connecting
“Creating Connection: Using Graphic Medicine For Continual Healing”

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2021
Exploring Queer Expression in
Comics Studies: The Graduate
Student Experience

Comics Studies Society CSS2021: Re/Building Community
“Graduate Student Caucus on Interdisciplinarity”


Ted X OSU Salon:
Between the Lines

“Invisible Disabilities On and Off the Comics Page”

The Ohio State University, 2022.


Wicked Science Program

Advisory Board Graduate Representative

The Ohio State University


Disability Studies Graduate Student


The Ohio State University


Humanities and Cognitive Sciences High School Summer Institute

Assistant Director

The Ohio State University